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2019 Westlake Youth Spring Registration


Welcome to the Spring 2019 Westlake Youth Registration with Westlake Lacrosse.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover account information available.

Notice For Non-Eanes ISD Taxpayer / Non-Eanes ISD Students 

The field usage contract with Eanes ISD limits the number of players that participate with Westlake Youth Lacrosse that are either non-Eanes ISD taxpayer families or non-Eanes ISD students. Because of our current enrollment numbers, we must, therefore, place all players on our waitlist that are not one of either an Eanes ISD taxpayer family or an Eanes ISD student. In addition, because most grade levels in Westlake Youth Lacrosse result in at least some players not being placed on a team, we request that those players which have a non-EISD school team option available players on their corresponding school team so that positions may be freed up for boys which do not have such options. We should know our final status by December 15th, well before enrollment deadlines in the other lacrosse associations in the Austin area. Full refunds will be provided to any player that does not get placed on a Westlake team.

2019 Registration Fees:
Grade          Before Dec 15t          After Dec 15th 

1st                               $275                            $300

2nd                             $275                            $300

3rd                              $325                            $350

4th                              $325                            $350

5th                              $425                            $450

6th                              $425                            $450

7th                              $525                            $550

8th                              $525                            $550

Please direct registration questions to:

Westlake Youth Director