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2019 Summer Chaps Select Payments


Welcome to the 2019 Summer Chaps Select Payments Registration with Westlake Lacrosse!


We are looking forward to an exciting fall full of great lacrosse, great travel and, camaraderie.  Each team has their own practice and game schedule that is not exactly the same so please be sure to pay attention to information specific to your team.  To help each team has their own team page under the "Chaps Select" tab on the website.


The costs per team are as follows:

  • 2028(3rd): $100 (Bitter)
  • 2027(4th): $100 (Bitter)
  • 2026(5th): $550 (Bitter, Denver,& Vail)
  • 2025(6th): $550 (Bitter, Denver,& Vail)
  • 2024(7th): $550 (Bitter, Denver,& Vail)
  • 2023(8th): $575 (Bitter, Denver,& Vail)

Costs Cover:
Tournament Registration Fees
Coaches Stipends/Salaries
Field Rentals


Thanks and we’ll see you out on the fields,


Zack Burke


Director of Lacrosse


If you have any questions regarding this registration, please direct them to:

Zack Burke